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Building The Metaverse Interface Layer for Blockchain

Xeta's mission is to create the Metaverse interface layer for crypto. Xeta develops a high-performance blockchain and mixed-reality apps for users & creators.

Xeta Blockchain


Xeta Blockchain is a serverless blockchain enabling up to 80,000 TPS, transaction finality in under one second, and fees as low as a tenth of a cent. It provides a non-Turing complete language and 11 pre-built smart contracts, developed explicitly for NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse use-cases such as Auctions, Lending, Staking, Decentralized Swaps, Lotteries and more.

Xeta Metaverse


Xeta Reality focuses on developing mixed-reality spaces as interface-layer for popular blockchains and, of course, Xeta's own blockchain. Primarily, Xeta creates a Minecraft-like virtual world with a focus on avatars, virtual land ownership, tradeable in-game NFTs, virtual spaces and events, 3D auctions & exhibitions, and Multiverse interoperability.

Xeta Community

Creators & Community

Xeta provides tools for creators and users to simplify token and NFT launches through launch pads and various DeFi mechanisms such as staking, lotteries, NFT royalties, and lending pools. Additionally, Xeta enables creators to collaboratively build, play and interact within the Xetaverse using only a web browser.

Xeta Reality is Enabling the Interface Moment for the Metaverse by bridging Blockchain, Vision AI and 3D Technology

The Internet had a turning point in 1994 when Netscape delivered a user-friendly Web browser to the masses. This moment was coined as the “user interface moment” and made the Internet easily accessible to the mainstream.

At Xeta Reality, we believe the most critical step after building infrastructure at the protocol layer is advancing the interface layer for broad adoption. Xeta Reality was founded to do just that: to innovate, develop and promote interfaces for Metaverse technologies using blockchain, 3D graphics, and artificial intelligence (object detection, segmentation, reconstruction).

Xeta Reality Roadmap

2021 Q3/4

  • Xeta Blockchain Development

    A lightweight modular blockchain to support asset tokenization and transactions with sub-second latencies.
  • Block explorer & smart contracts

    A block explorer, a wallet web app, and an dashboard for interacting with the Xeta Blockchain. Simplification of minting NFTs & creating tokens - enabled by a no-code interface.
  • Testnet & 11 Prewritten Smart Contracts on Xeta

    Launching the Xeta Blockchain Testnet and 11 pre-written programs using Xeta's own non-Turing complete smart contract language.

2022 Q1/2

  • Xeta Mainnet & Bridge

    Launching the Xeta Blockchain Mainnet and developing a cross-chain bridge to enable swaps between XETA-ETH-BSC.
  • DEXs, NFTs, Staking & Lending Launch

    Launching common pools such as decentralized swaps, staking pools, lending pools, auction pools, etc on the Xeta Blockchain. Enabling any project using Xeta Blockchain to create such pools for their communities. Enabling creators to easily create and upload NFTs to the Xeta Blockchain.
  • Xetaverse Development & Land Sale

    Developing an alpha version of the Xetaverse. Bringing together Xeta Blockchain (land registry), 3D graphics, and our underlying APIs (storage) to virtualize and trade virtual land.

2022 Q3/4

  • Metaverse Usability & Scaling

    Combining the Xeta Blockchain (and other chains) with the Xetaverse, focusing on usability and interoperability between blockchains applied to the Metaverse.
  • Avatars & Virtual Spaces

    In-game avatars, tradable skins, and NFT clothing. Focusing on growing use-cases for the Xetaverse, towards virtual spaces, hangouts, gaming applications, events, and other virtual activities.
  • Gamification & Creator Tools

    Providing tools for users and creators to increase adoption of the Xetaverse. Tools might include simple gameplay creation tools and one-click setups of 3D spaces for various use-cases.

2023 Q1/2

  • Multiverse Interoperability

    Focusing on interoperability between reality and various Metaverses. Working on AI technology to enable object detection, segmentation, and reconstruction enabling scanning and importing objects from the real world into the Metaverse.
  • Team Expansion & Growth

    Hiring additional team members to promote the Xeta blockchain, to onboard users and creators, to raise awareness and educate around the Xeta Blockchain and Xetaverse.
  • Xeta Ecosystem Development

    Expanding business development to establish partnerships and to implement Xeta Blockchain & Xeta Metaverse technology.

A Global Team

Xeta Reality Team


Distributed systems and software architecture design.

Xeta Reality Team


Artificial intelligence, vision AI, object detection and segmentation.

Xeta Reality Team

Capital F

Frontend Javascript developer, mastermind behind Xeta Block Explorer.

Xeta Reality Team


3D, augmented reality, virtual reality developer.

Xeta Reality Team

Jesse James

Solidity, smart contracts and web3 developer.

Xeta Reality Team


Marketing, partnerships and outreach.

Xeta Reality Team

Mr. Zi

Business development, project onboarding and integration assistance.

Xeta Reality Team


Community, sponsorships and events.

Xeta Reality Team


Content marketing, animations, video creation.

Common Questions

What's the XETA token supply?

There are 1 billion XETA tokens in circulation. The total circulation will be 10 billion XETA tokens. The total token circulation of 10 billion XETA tokens will be approximately reached by 2027.

What are the XETA tokenomics?

1B circulating tokens. Allocations: 20% ecosystem & partnerships, 20% community enrichment, 15% foundation, 10% legal, marketing & bizdev, 10% financing rounds & OTC, 10% team & development, 10% public liquidity, 5% advisors & contributors.

Where and how to buy XETA tokens?

Register on Binance, purchase BNB, install TrustWallet or Metamask, swap for XETA tokens using PancakeSwapV2. Our contract address is 0x179960442Ece8dE9f390011b7f7c9b56C74e4D0a

What is the use of XETA tokens?

We’re building a Layer-1 blockchain (Xeta Blockchain) where XETA tokens will be used for fees, governance/consensus/voting and a staking mechanism. Additionally, we’re working on Layer-2 dApps (minting, NFTs, identity, staking, exchanges, marketplaces) and “virtual realities” which use XETA tokens as in-world currency.

Who is the team behind Xeta Reality?

The project was launched by a team with backgrounds in crypto development, big data, 3D graphics and vision AI. The Xeta team is distributed remotely with developers from Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, and America.

Where can I learn more?

Join our socials and speak with our community or team members. Check out our blog or dig into the code on Github!

What are you currently working on?

Having launched the Xeta Blockchain, we're currently working on the next step, namely the Xetaverse. It reflects Xeta's imagination of the Metaverse and establishes an interface between blockchains (notably Xeta Blockchain) and virtual and mixed-realities.

How to contribute/what are you looking for?

Currently, we’re looking for ambassadors who can help with growing the community and spreading the word about Xeta Reality. Get in touch with us on Telegram if you think you're a good fit. If you want to join our team, check our open positions.

What are the expected launching dates of your milestones?

We’re working on multiple things in parallel (by what we deem to have the highest priority and value-add to the global Metaverse ecosystem) at all times and we’re expecting to deliver a feature/milestone every 1-2 months.

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