Xeta Reality

Focus & Development Areas

Scanning and Virtualization of Things

Simplifying asset virtualization by building 3D scanning tools/apps to empower anyone to digitize anything anywhere. Extensive research & development of object detection/segmentation AI models.

Interoperability between Blockchains & Realities

Enabling the exchange of fungible and non-fungible assets between common blockchains and parallel realities (physical reality, virtual worlds, omniverses).

Asset Registry, Tokenization and IP Protection

Building a L1 blockchain to simplify asset registry and tokenization of things. Integrating identity, deduplication and IP-protection middleware, specifically for NFTs and virtual items (image, video, audio).

Virtual Economies (DEXs, NFT marketplaces)

Creation of exchanges & marketplaces for tokens, NFTs, avatars, skins, virtual properties and virtual ad space. Provisioning "one-click-setup" DEXs and marketplaces using no-code interfaces.

dApp Ecosystem (Identity, Staking, 3rd Party)

Providing core functionality dApps (for identity, staking, etc) using Xeta Blockchain and setting up a grant-based incentive program for 3rd party developers.

Community, Contributors & Partnerships

Building and maintaining an active community of ambassadors, providing well documented software to contributors and seeking partnerships with companies for collaboration around Metaverse technologies.

Roadmap & Milestones

Xeta Blockchain

Q4 2021 - A lightweight modular blockchain to support asset tokenization and transactions with sub-second latencies.

Block Explorer, Wallet & Metrics

Q4 2021 - A block explorer, a wallet web app (mobile app shortly after) and an analytics dashboard for interacting with the Xeta Blockchain.

Minting & Tokenization Interface

Q1 2022 - Simplification of minting NFTs & creating tokens - enabled by a no-code interface.

Creation of DEXs/Marketplaces

Q2 2022 - One click creation of customizeable DEXs (for tokens) and marketplaces (for NFT assets).

3D Scan Virtualization

Q1 2022 - A mobile app enabling virtualization of anything with possibilities such as NFT/avatar creation or registry/virtualization of surroundings (the possibilities are endless!).

Realtime Object Segmentation

Q2 2022 - Training vision AI models (on top of current state of the art models), capable to detect and segment 200-300 items (integrated with our 3D scanning app).

NFT Uniqueness & IP Protection

Q2 2022 - Using methods such as Local Sensitive Hashing for deduplication/IP protection and governance mechanisms for conflict resolution.

Digital Real Estate

Q3 2022 - Bringing together Xeta Blockchain (land registry), 3D graphics and our underlying APIs (storage) to virtualize and trade virtual land.

Bridges & Interoperability

Q4 2022 - Building bridges to transfer assets and tokens between various blockchains & virtual realities. Importing assets from blockchains to Xeta/exporting from Xeta to other blockchains.

Staking dApp for Holders

Q1 2022 - Launching the first Xeta Blockchain native dApp - a staking app rewarding holders by locking tokens for a predictable APY.

Decentralized Data APIs

Q4 2022 - Providing simple APIs (and good documentation) to developers for decentralized data storage and access.

dApp/Metaverse Ecosystem

Q3 2022 - Expanding business development to establish partnerships and to implement Xeta Blockchain & Xeta Metaverse technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the XETA token supply?

There are 1 billion XETA tokens in circulation. The total circulation will be 10 billion XETA tokens. The total token circulation of 10 billion XETA tokens will be approximately reached by 2027.

What are the XETA tokenomics?

1B circulating tokens. Allocations: 20% ecosystem & partnerships, 20% community enrichment, 15% foundation, 10% legal, marketing & bizdev, 10% financing rounds & OTC, 10% team & development, 10% public liquidity, 5% advisors & contributors.

Where and how to buy XETA tokens?

Register on Binance, purchase BNB, install TrustWallet or Metamask, swap for XETA tokens using PancakeSwapV2. Our contract address is 0x179960442Ece8dE9f390011b7f7c9b56C74e4D0a

What is the use of XETA tokens?

We’re building a Layer-1 blockchain (Xeta Blockchain) where XETA tokens will be used for fees, governance/consensus/voting and a staking mechanism. Additionally, we’re working on Layer-2 dApps (minting, NFTs, identity, staking, exchanges, marketplaces) and “virtual realities” which use XETA tokens as in-world currency.

Who is the team behind Xeta Reality?

The project was launched by a team with backgrounds in crypto development, big data, 3D graphics and vision AI. The Xeta team is distributed remotely with developers from Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and America.

Where can I learn more?

Join our socials and speak with our community or team members. Check out our blog or dig into the code on Github!

What are you currently working on?

We’re currently working on the Layer-1 “Xeta Blockchain” and virtualization software to democratize the registration and virtualization of “things” without the need for expensive equipment. You can track our progress on our Github.

How to contribute/what are you looking for?

Currently, we’re looking for ambassadors who can help with growing the community and spreading the word about Xeta Reality. Get in touch with us on Telegram if you think you're a good fit. If you want to join our team, check our open positions.

What are the expected launching dates of your milestones?

We’re working on multiple things in parallel (by what we deem to have the highest priority and value-add to the global Metaverse ecosystem) at all times and we’re expecting to deliver a feature/milestone every 1-2 months.