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Create Token

Create a new fungible token.

name (Required)

Token name


Token description text


A list of associated links (e.g. resource urls, websites, etc)


Metadata as JSON object (e.g. token specifications)


Token icon preview Etag (upload max. 1MB, jpg, png, gif, json, vox)


Fungible token symbol

supply (Required)

Fungible token supply


Fungible token reserve supply (mintable later by creator)


Disables fractionalization of supply


Associated object (URL, e.g. IPFS, S3, etc)


Object mime type (if an associated object is specified)


Associated NFT content hash (permanent hash, e.g. md5, attributed to token to be created)


Token category or tag

What is a Token?

Tokens are fungible (divisible) or non-fungible assets. Fungible tokens are similar to shares and represent fractional ownership of something. Non-fungible tokens represent objects via object URL (IPFS, S3, etc) or content hash (e.g. MD5 of bytes content). A user can mint fungible or non-fungible tokens. Fungible tokens represent fractional shares and have a symbol, supply, and optionally a reserve, which can be used to mint additional tokens at a later point in time. Non-fungible tokens represent objects in physical and virtual spaces by referencing an object URL (e.g. IPFS link) or a content hash. When fungible tokens are minted, a decentralized swap pool is created automatically, enabling the decentralized exchange of tokens.

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